How you start your day matters!

True story – I used to wake up late, roll out of bed, make myself a bowl a sugary cereal and leave for work. (insert face plant here). I would make it to 3pm and be so tired (from going to bed late, poor nutrition) and I would eat a tonne of sugary snacks and foods just to get me through until the end of the day. Sound familiar?

Today I woke up early, did a gym workout, ate a nourishing breakfast and did some journaling ( trying to get more into this ) and I can honestly say I leave my house in the morning felling A -M -A -Z -I-N-G!

How you start your day truly matters. It sets the tone for your entire day!. Get up late and in a constant rush? The you’re most likely to spend the entire day rushing and trying to catch up. Choose how YOU start your day. Are you checking in on strangers on the internet before checking in with yourself each morning?

When you wake up ask yourself this…. What do I need this morning?

  • Is it a workout to get the blood pumping
  • It is a sleep in and slower morning
  • Is it a nourishing healthy breakfast that will keep you feeling full until lunch
  • Is it time outdoors for a walk and fresh air

Remember every day you wake up with a choice on how you start your day so choose right!