Get Inspired - The Active Bod Guide
Get Inspired - The Active Bod Guide
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Get Inspired - The Active Bod Guide

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What if I told you there was a way to finally stop starting a new diet every Monday?

Tired of being confused about healthy eating and want to know how to gain control over your eating habits, cravings and over snacking? Want me to show you how you can eat in a way that suits you and your lifestyle? Where you can look and feel amazing? that is sustainable and flexible which allows you to eat all the food you love. GIRL you can! This guide contains all the secrets that know one talks about on weight loss, weight maintenance and creating a healthy relationship with food. The guide is broken up into 2 parts. The exclusive Active Bod TOOL KIT and THE RECIPES.

How Can The Toolkit Help You?

How to work where you have been going wrong?

How you can make small tweaks to improve your diet for weight loss success (no more failure)

What to eat on those days when you are really hungry?

How to fix your mindset around weight loss and how this can significantly impact your progress?

How to stop your sugar cravings in their tracks

How to gain control of your late-night snacking

Show you how to stop the restrict, binge eat cycle for good

Part 2 of the eBook contains the RECIPES! There are 45 brand new exclusive recipes from nourishing breakfast options, super snacks, fresh and fast meals, plant based and vegan options as well as clean treats and sweet eats for when you’re craving something sweet but want to make a healthy choice. These recipes are easy to make, healthy and delicious and are full of wholefoods. They are husband, partner and child approved and only require basic pantry ingredients.

The Guide will help you gain back control of your eating habits with no more failed attempts.  You’ll feel confident and comfortable in your own body and help you to be the happiest healthiest version of you….

Purchase your copy now for instant access and get started today!

You will receive a Downloadable PDF 15MB file delivered straight to your inbox. The guide can be printed also.

It’s time to GET INSPIRED! and invest in you. Check out our reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Moira Yates
The active bod guide

The guide is so helpful making me realise where I was going wrong in my food choices like only eating carbohydrates.
Thanks so much!

Jane Squire

FINALLY, a no nonsense, easy to follow guide to getting the best out of our bodies by eating good food, exercising and making time for ourselves. No dieting or giving up the foods we love. It is really all about making better choices in all aspects of our lives. Love it!

Liz Thornberry

WOW! I expected the guide to be good but not this good! So many gems of information that I wish I had known sooner. No more over snacking after dinner and my sweet cravings are gone! I've also dropped a dress size too.

Inspired Guide

A must read! I have read the Get Inspired Guide over and over. Every time I get off track with my eating and healthy habits I go back to it and it helps me reset and refocus on the things that actually help instead of signing up for a new diet. The weight loss tool kit is amazing!!
Plus the recipes at the back are super delicious!!

Natasha Wheat

The Get Inspired Guide has been an absolute game changer! Honestly every woman that has ever struggled with weight or body image needs to read this. This guide is written in such a simple and easy to follow way, with real practical tips that actually work AND the best part is I can still eat chocolate! My weight is down, I’ve stopped starting a new diet every Monday and after all these years I finally feel in control of my food choices while building a healthier relationship with my body and becoming confident in my own skin. Definitely recommend!!! A must read!!