Maintaining momentum

YOU’RE GOING TO WANT TO READ THIS.....getting up and going to the gym was getting harder...saying no to food that I know won’t make me feel good is becoming difficult ...snacking on chocolate is becoming a regular thing... yep it me! I decided this week to get back into my healthy habits and routines and I’ve had a HUGE realisation this week about how to stay CONSISTENT and on track with your healthy eating.

Making good food choices has usually just come easy to me. I didn’t have to think about it TOO much, I didn’t need to 'get motivated' to get up and work out at 5am. It just happened because I’d created healthy habits, so it was just part of my routine. I honestly couldn’t understand why after a few weeks of holidays it was slowly just becoming so much harder.

Well, yesterday I realised it was because I had lost MOMENTUM with my healthy eating and exercise routine.

SO here’s a massive realisation that I had today.... being CONSISTENT with your healthy eating and workouts will give you the MOMENTUM you need to keep going until healthy living eventually becomes a habit. 

When a healthy habit is part of your daily routine it’s easier to just 'do it' without a lot of thought having to go into it. I’m currently having to 'do all the thinking' to get me up in the mornings and drive to the gym. I’m having to 'seriously think' about what I’m going to eat each day and 'consciously thinking' about not eating chocolate at every snack.

So if you’ve started your new year well and now your having to do 'all the thinking' like me, try to focus on just being consistent with your choices and actions as it will lead to MOMENTUM that makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle so much easier.