My Mid Week Reset

The day of the week that I most look forward to is my MID WEEK RESET!

Life is busy and as a working mum it's hectic! When I don't make time for all the little things, I can definitely feel ALL the things start to get on top of me.

I've been adding in a mid week reset as part of my weekly routine. Usually on a Wednesday or Thursday I'll purposefully inject some much needed slowness into my week.


I will

  • skip the gym
  • sleep in (anything past 5am is a win for me, haha)
  • make a slow morning coffee
  • make time to journal or read
  • tidy up my house/space
  • top up my fridge/pantry
  • and just make an effort to slow down!

I'm finding it's making such a huge difference to how I handle life for the rest of the week. It's like a mind-body reset to get m through until the weekend.

I used to blame the fact that I was too busy or didn't have enough time, but the TRUTH is that I stopped prioritising the little things that bring me the most joy in my day.

Don't forget to schedule in and prioritise time for you to enjoy the things that make life enjoyable! Don't just wait for the weekends.