My Personal Weight Loss Story

So how did I get here?

I decided after having my son that I wasn’t happy with my body as well as the way I looked and felt. I was tired all the time, my clothes didn’t fit the way I wanted, I had no energy and things had to change. I scrolled social media and eventually decided to invest some money in a 12 week well known online weight loss guide for women. I downloaded it straight away and the first task was to take progress photos. Let me just say that this was confronting as photos don’t lie. Scales and dress sizes are not always accurate, but photos don’t lie. As hard as I found this, it definitely gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get started and to begin making my health and fitness a priority.

I worked out at home while my son was asleep. I started by following the meal plan to a tee and over time began to realise:

  1. I wasn’t eating enough
  2. I was eating little to no protein
  3. My diet was mostly made up of carbs
  4. I was eating way too much sugar and my cravings were out of control
  5. I was overeating after dinner

Not going to lie, it was hard at first. I felt hungry at times and I struggled to complete the workouts BUT over time it got that little bit easier. I could complete the workouts and my appetite seemed to settle and my cravings were becoming less and less. I slowly started to learn how to meal prep, so I set aside sometime each Sunday to do this. I went from doing no push ups to a full push up on my toes. I learned, I progressed, and I made a tonne of failures along the way. I overate on quite a lot of days but slowly learnt that one bad day of eating would not undo all my hard work. I kept going and would just start again the next day. People started to notice, I felt less tired, had more energy and was feeling the best about myself I had in ages.

Overtime I slowly learnt how to eat without needing to use a set program and its been life changing. I can eat out, enjoy all the food (and sweet treats of course!) without restriction and it’s the best feeling ever.

I’ve definitely been on a journey and have learnt SO much about food, nutrition, mindset and health. I’m not perfect, I was just consistent on most days and created healthy habits, so I didn’t have to rely on motivation to maintain my healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, you honestly can to……