Self Awareness is Key to Weight Loss

I haven't been completely honest...Having gone through my own weight loss journey I’ve always been someone that bangs on about educating yourself about food being the key to weight loss success (+ intuitive eating), but lately I’ve realised that to not be exactly true. Ok, yes it is a huge part of it but I’ve also come to notice one other MASSIVE thing and that’s self AWARENESS!

To maintain my weight for the long term I’ve realised I’ve now become very aware of the things I do in my daily life that do OR don’t support MY healthy lifestyle.

So how do you become AWARE? You start by taking note of and being more conscious of those 'things' you do each day that are impacting where you want to be.

Are you someone that eats chocolate by the block if it’s in the house? (for me it’s cake, I have a massive sweet tooth). Be aware of this and avoid the confectionary aisle and just don’t buy it. OR do you find yourself over eating after dinner each night? Be aware of this and make sure you are eating enough wholefoods during the day. Do you find yourself skipping your workout because you just run out of time? BE aware and organise whatever you need to do the night before (lunches, clothes etc) so you have time to workout the next day!

Think about these things you do daily and become AWARE of them. I feel like this is especially important this time of year when we are all crazy busy and our habits start to slide a bit. It’s a simple thing that you can do daily that will have a huge impact on how you feel especially in the lead up to the new year.

What is one thing this made you aware of? What could you put in place?