So How Long Does It Really Take To Get Results?

Truth is, it took me way longer than what I thought it would. We are fed so much advertising and quick fix diet and weight loss solutions from cleanse and diet companies that it’s no wonder we all think weight loss and body changes will happen overnight or in a few short weeks. Unfortunately, this just was not realistic.  

The parts of my body that I so desperately wanted to change were the VERY last thing to change. I’m not sure if its like our bodies are testing us to see how badly we really want it, but the part of your body you dislike the most, will unfortunately be the very last thing to go…

Yes, it requires consistency and effort to get results but ONE BIG thing I changed that really got me to where I wanted to be was letting go of all the negative energy I had around diet, food and exercise. I always viewed eating well and exercise as a bad thing and was something I forced myself to do. I ate well because I had to, I exercised because I was trying to burn calories or work off something, I shouldn’t have eaten on the weekend it was all negative!

Then something for me changed, I decided to shift the way I thought about food and exercise and I begin to change that negative energy into a positive one. I started go to the gym because of the way it made me feel afterwards. I would try different exercises because I wanted to get stronger and better at them. I planned my meals and meal prepped on a Sunday because I knew it would help me make healthy food choices during the week. I added more wholefoods to my meals because it helped make me feel full. This shift from negative energy to a more positive energy did one BIG thing… it gave me the results I so desperately wanted. WHY? Because I was not focusing on all the bad things all the time and the results just came! When you finally make a choice to stop focusing on all the negative things, the results will just sneak up on you and before you realise you are where you wanted to be from the start.

Make an effort to shift your energy around food and exercise this week and let the results come with ease!