Why you need to learn to PIVOT?

Picture this…. Its Tuesday night, you are meant to be going to the 7pm gym class with your friend but she cancels at the last minute! Do you take off your activewear and sit on the couch for the night? OR you can make the choice to PIVOT.

What other options do you have available to you? Could you go for a walk? Put on a You Tube workout video at home? Do some stretching? I’ve realised that day in day out we are faced with choices when it comes to establishing or maintain a healthy eating and exercise routine and I’ve learnt it comes down to one thing! Learning to PIVOT.

A PIVOT is something that turns or balances

and that is exactly what we need to do when faced with challenges each day that may stop you from getting to your Tuesday night workout. Here are some more ideas of how you can PIVOT:

Example 1: You meal prep yourself a healthy lunch but Susan turns up at work with pizza. What do you do? You choose to pivot. Eat the healthy lunch you packed and tell Susan thanks and you’ll have a small piece after.

Example 2: You had the worst nights sleep and you slept through your alarm. Do you ditch your workout for the day? Time to PIVOT. You can do a shorter work out before you need to leave in the morning or move your workout time to later in the day.

We are always given a CHOICE! Even though it may not be our number 1 option, we are given the choice to PIVOT or just stop. If you choose to PIVOT and turn each time you will find maintaining a healthy active lifestyle manageable for the long term.

What are you going to choose to do?