My Top Meal Prep Tips

I love meal prep! Ok there I said it. My name is Jen and I like to meal prep. I have been doing a 3-day meal prep every Sunday for quite a while now so here are my top meal prep tips to get you started and prepping like a queen in no time.

  1. Ask yourself…What do I feel like eating? This will help you stay on track as you will be looking forward to your prepped meals each day.
  2. Make a plan. You don’t need to plan your whole week. But write a plan! 2 days, 3 days as much as you can handle.
  3. Write a shopping list of what you need to cook these meals or snacks. This will save you time and money.
  4. Set aside some time to prep. For me it’s a Sunday but I know lots of people who like to do it on a Monday. Choose a time that works for you.
  5. Cook meals and snacks in batches. If you only want to prep lunches for 3 days make more. Eat the 3 days’ worth and freeze the leftovers for another day.
  6. Start small. Choose a number of days to prep for that is manageable for you! If you try and prep too much, you’ll overwhelm yourself and give up!
  7. Be creative! Meal prep is a great opportunity to try out new recipes and meals that you haven’t gotten around to trying.
  8. This is the most important one, PREP in a way that works for YOU! The purpose of meal prep is top help make your life easier as well as keeping you on track with your food choices so prep in a way that suits your lifestyle.
  9. Make prepping a habit. I never used to meal prep and now I don’t go a weekend without it. If you do it each week it will slowly become a habit so that it just becomes automatic and you won’t have to think about it too much anymore.
  10. Get excited! There is no better feeling than knowing you get to wake up and that you have a delicious breakfast or lunch to look forward to OR when you tired that you can just throw it in the microwave and enjoy your delicious meal prep while you chill on the couch.

If you are looking for more meal prep and recipe inspiration check out my Instagram stories @theactivebod where I take you through my prep each week! Plus, you’ll get to meet the ever so handsome meal prep supervisor…