BG Meal Plan


Are you ready to save a heap of time in the kitchen?

The nutritionist approved BG “Busy Gals” Meal Plan is the meal plan designed for the busy modern-day woman! As women we are all so time poor so this meal plan is really unique and one of a kind as it does not contain complicated recipes! All you need to do is go to the day of the week, find the meal/snack listed and it can be made on the spot. The meals and snacks in this meal plan have been carefully selected and put together to save you the maximum amount of time in the kitchen. The Busy Gals Meal Plan will show you that you can eat delicious, nutritious foods without any restrictions or taking up a lot of time in the kitchen.


 The meal plan includes all the special features you need in a meal plan.  It's simple, easy to follow and includes delicious meals and snacks. 

So, what will the BG Meal Plan do for you?

- save you a heap of time (no meal planning and writing shopping lists)

- take all the confusion out of healthy eating

- help you achieve your goals faster

- weight management and maintenance

- help you with mindless snacking as you will feel full and satisfied

- make you feel in control over your food instead of the other way around

- help you get excited about the food you eat, no more fear around food


All you need to do is download the BG “busy gals” Meal Plan then save it to your device and your full week of healthy, macro friendly, calorie-controlled eating will be sent straight to your inbox!


7 day all-inclusive meal plan
Recipe Free
Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
Includes 2 snacks plus dessert daily
Easy to use ingredients
No restrictions/eliminated food groups
Calories per meal/daily calorie totals
Weekly shopping list
Full daily calorie/macro breakdown
List of supermarket brands used
Includes loads of delicious meals and snacks
Can be adjusted to suit partner/family
Meal and Snack cards included