Kickstart Your Healthy Eating in 14

Are you looking to kickstart or reset your healthy eating? The Kickstart your healthy eating in 14 days guide will give you a flexible and achievable approach to reset your healthy eating, get back on track and create long term habit change without any restrictions. It will provide you with new motivation and a fresh perspective to inspire you to create a healthy lifestyle!

What makes Kickstart in 14 different?

This guide is more than just a meal plan. It is a comprehensive, detailed guide which includes a carefully selected set of tools to support you to eat healthy consistently and to create long term healthy eating habits.

How the Kickstart Your Healthy Eating in 14 guide Can Help You?

The kick start guide will swap the confusion for confidence when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. It will reset your healthy eating and give you the exact tools you need to not only eat healthy, but to create long term healthy habits around food that you can maintain. The guide will save you time meal planning, calculating macros etc and will give you some easy delicious new meals and snacks to try that you can get excited about!

What’s included?

Your Personal Self Reflection Tool to identify your areas of focus

Your Pre-Start Kick Start Checklist to set you up for success

Weekly Habit trackers to track your habits and progress

14 x day nutritionist approved meal plan – with delicious, easy to make recipes that your whole family will love. Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 2 x snacks plus dessert. Full macros and calories included plus detailed shopping lists

Your Post Kick Start Forward Planning Tool – to create a plan for success moving forward post completion of the Kick Start in 14 plan.