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Embark on a Journey of Health & Self-Discovery

Welcome to our transformative membership and community designed specifically for women who are ready to end the cycle of dieting and embrace a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. You know you should be eating better, but you are so busy and tired that you just can’t be consistent. You’re dreaming of losing some weight and feeling confident but you just can’t seem to make it happen. If you ever feel confused and overwhelmed about what to eat to reach your goals because you are so busy its time to use an easy to follow and implement plan.

The Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership is the easiest way to start eating better and lose weight even if you have had multiple failed attempts. With The Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership, you’ll get in control of your eating and never feel overwhelmed again!

Empower Your Eating Habits
Gain Expert Insights for Lasting Change

Discover a clear, step-by-step method for sustainable weight loss and healthy eating tailored to fit your lifestyle. This 6-week course empowers you with essential food knowledge, differentiating it from other online programs.

Say farewell to repetitive diet starts and learn to eat healthily for life. Transform from a novice to an expert in identifying and correcting eating habits, confidently planning meals, and taking control of your eating journey, all within the span of this course.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Healthy Eating

How exciting would it be to work on your healthy eating and weight loss with skill and confidence instead of feeling constantly confused and overwhelmed about what and how you should be eating. It can be done! In my 6-week online course THE HEALTHY EATING FORMULA For SMART WOMEN I will give you all the exact tools and tips I used to lose weight and keep it off. You will build confidence in your food choices and identify your blind spots so you can make positive change. The course will give you:

1. Specific goal setting and mindset strategies to get you started on the right path

2. Step by step instructions on how to easily work out where you have been going wrong with your eating in the past and how to successfully create a deficit for weight loss.

3. You'll be given simple easy to implement solutions to overcome your sugar cravings, late night snacking, overeating, counting macros, food timing and so much more.

4. The clear method you need to plan your meals and snacks with success - no more guessing.

5. Real practical tips to deal with the daily roadblocks and challenges you face when trying to be consistent and stick to your healthy eating when life gets busy.

6. New easy ways to create motivation, momentum and consistency and how to maintain your new diet changes for the long term.

You are not going to want to waste any more time "guessing" what and how you should be eating to reach your goals. This is the secret formula you need to finally get you the results you are after.

What makes this course different?

◇ I give you simple, step by step processes to help you go from novice to expert so you can achieve long term health and weight loss success. It’s easy to follow and finally tells you about the things other programs don’t that will actually work.

◇ You will have all the ah ha moments where you realize how smart you actually are when it comes to your eating.

This course is tailored for

◇ Women overcoming meal planning overwhelm.
◇ Those with repeated dieting failures.
◇ Women tired of weekly diet restarts.
◇ Individuals seeking control over food cravings.
◇ Anyone aiming for body confidence.
◇ Those breaking the binge-restrict cycle.
◇ Women desiring confident meal planning.

Note: Ideal for those who know healthy eating basics but struggle with consistent application.


Embrace a Life of Confidence and Control

Imagine leaving behind the constant overwhelm of trying to figure out what to eat, the confusion over endless diets, and the guilt of not sticking to your plans. With our course, you won't have to feel:

Overwhelm Inaction

Always feeling like you should be doing something but feeling so overwhelmed by everything that you start nothing at all.

Meal Confusion

Feeling so confused about what and how much to eat so you just grab unhealthy convenient meals or take aways instead.

Diet Inconsistency

Jumping from plan to plan, trying to eat “healthy” with no real lasting success.

Eating Guilt

Eating well for a few days then overeating, beating yourself up then starting again later.

Comfort Overeating

Emotional overeating to make you feel better.

Constant Discomfort

Feeling hungry, bloated, tired and not in control all the time.

Social Media Distraction

Hours scrolling through social media saving a heap of healthy recipes that you should be making but never actually cooking them.

Meal Decision Fatigue

Exhausted from decision fatigue and your never ending daily to do list that deciding on what to eat just feel too hard.

Limited spaces available – enroll early

Course Length

◇ 6-week online course
◇ You will receive access to a new video module each week
◇ Exclusive online course work booklet to support your new learnings

Course Delivery

◇ Course hosted on Kajabi: user-friendly online platform.
◇ Personal login and password provided.
◇ Access video modules at your convenience.

Affordable Wellness

◇ Course hosted on Kajabi: user-friendly online platform.
◇ Personal login and password provided.
◇ Access video modules at your convenience.


A Path to Lasting Change

Joining our community offers you more than just a course; it's a doorway to a new lifestyle where you gain:

Trusting the Process

Having confidence in what you are doing and trusting the process.

Easy 7-Step Plan

Having a 7 step plan to follow with easy actionable steps.

Mirror Confidence

Feeling good about what you see in the mirror and your self-confidence showing on the outside that others take notice.

Effortless Meal Planning

Plan and cook nutritious meals that fit into your busy life and family schedule effortlessly.

Sustainable Goal Achievement

Getting to hit your goals in a sustainable way where you can still eat out and enjoy dessert.

Food Control Mastery

Being able to easily say “no” to food and to “stop” when you feel full.

Balanced Energy

Feeling energised and happy without crazy energy highs and lows.

Organized Eating

No longer having to rely on being “motivated” because you have organisation and helpful systems in place.

Confident Choices

Feeling confident and in control of what you choose to eat with food no longer controlling you.

Stress-Free Meals

Not stressing about what to cook and eat because you have done for you meal plans that are fussy kid and partner approved!


See What's on the Men

Explore a gallery of mouth-watering meals and snacks. All designed to be easy to prepare with everyday ingredients, ensuring you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your food.


when our next round opens.

I cannot wait for you to experience total food freedom and healthy eating confidence!



I have watched videos and found them really helpful! After looking at what I'm eating over a week I realised I definitely need to up my protein in the morning. Or overall really to help me stay full and therefore on track.

Ashleigh King

Loved listening to you Jen. This is completely me, always self sabotaging myself, I know what I do is hindering my progress, but it's a cycle of not feeling good about myself, binge, feel worse, binge. Will try some of those techniques, I think pausing for a moment will be the hardest.

Christine Bartlett

I'm going great thanks. Have started to lose the weight that hasn't shifted and has only gone up since being on 3 types of medication that have seen me balloon. Finally feeling like this is achievable.

Happy Customer

Another 600g down on the scales this week. Considering I get to enjoy dessert EVERY night I am taking that as a big win.

Happy Customer

The revelation that I have completed a full 5 day meal plan - & I actually enjoyed it!!!

Belinda Beattie

I smashed out all the portal videos in one go but I will go back and rewatch again. I'm filling out the journal as I go and it's such a great way to get into a good mindset for the next day as well! Sometimes I fill it out in the morning to reflect the day before as I'm so tired I can't concentrate by the time everyone is in bed.

Carly French

The Active Bod I am going pretty well! Slow and steady but I've lost 4.5kgs since starting and I feel even when had weeks where I haven't tracked my food properly or had lots of events on I've managed to maintain by making better choices. So thank you for helping me think differently about food.

Happy Customer
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership

Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership

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Discover the HEALTHY EATING HYPE GAL MEMBERSHIP, a game-changer for busy women seeking a sustainable approach to healthy eating and weight management. For just $49 per month, this membership offers tailored meal plans, expert resources, and an empowering community to help you confidently navigate your food choices. Enjoy comprehensive tools like the Vibrant Resource Hub, interactive guides, and supportive masterclasses to seamlessly integrate healthy habits into your busy lifestyle. Join now for a transformative journey towards smart, consistent, and enjoyable healthy eating.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

As women we are juggling all the things, so all the recipes are quick, easy and delicious and only require easy to find everyday ingredients. All my recipes have been partner, child and family approved!

Whilst the meal plans are not gluten free, we have many hype gals in our community that are and find the meals easy to swap and make simple adjustments too.

Yes, the calories in the monthly meal plans are set but with the use of the tools in the resource hub can be easily adjusted up or down simply by adding or removing a snack so you can reach you set calorie target.

Then the membership is perfect! Maintaining your healthy eating is often the hardest part and having new recipes and motivation each week makes the process so much easier.

Once you have joined you will receive your welcome email which will include your private link to join the membership face book group and login to the Vibrant Resource Hub, plus our Secrets to Success Checklist so you can get set up and started straight away! All video sources, tips etc. will be uploaded into the face book group so you have easy access whenever you need. Your new meal plans will be emailed to you directly each month.