Prep Queen Meal Plan


Are you ready to unleash your inner meal prep queen and own your week?

The PQ or Prep Queen Meal Plan will provide you with clear guidance and a user-friendly plan while minimizing the time spent on cooking and meal planning.

Do you struggle with meal prep? But want to be more organised with your meals?

This thoughtfully designed meal plan harnesses the numerous advantages of meal prepping, making it a game-changer for your healthy eating habits. Tailored to support your nutrition goals, whether it's weight loss or maintenance, the nutritionist-approved "PQ" Meal Plan is perfect for the busy individual who thrives on weekly organization and wants to spend less time in the kitchen.

What The Prep Queen Meal Plan can do for you?

- Save valuable time with no need for meal planning or writing shopping lists.

- Eliminate confusion surrounding healthy eating choices.

- Spend less time cooking as you repeat some meals or snacks

- Combat mindless snacking by promoting a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

- Empower you to take control of your food choices.

- Support you with weight loss or maintenance

- Foster excitement about your meals, eliminating any fear associated with food.


Meal prep takes a little time but saves you so much more.”

Unique Features

7-day all-inclusive nutritionist approved meal plan.

Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Includes BONUS tick off meal plan prep list.

Includes 2 snacks plus dessert daily.

Easy to use everyday ingredients.

No restrictions/eliminated food groups.

Calories per meal/daily calorie totals.

Weekly shopping list.

Full daily calorie/macro breakdown.

List of supermarket brands used.

Includes your favourite meals and snacks.

Can be adjusted to suit partner/family/calorie needs.

- Daily calories 1700-1800. Note - this can be easily adjusted up or down to suit your current goals.

The Prep Queen meal plan includes all the essentials you need in a meal plan.  It's simple, easy to follow and includes delicious meals and snacks. 

Simply download the PQ Prep Queen Meal Plan, save it to your device, and receive a full week of health-conscious, macro-friendly, calorie-controlled meals directly to your inbox!

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