The Healthy Eating Formula for Smart Women - Transform Your Health with Our 6-Week Online Program


 The Healthy Eating Formula for Smart Women

The Ultimate Healthy Eating Formula for Smart Women! Experience a revolutionary approach to healthy eating and weight loss that goes beyond the ordinary. My intensive, no-fluff program is meticulously crafted to empower you with the skills, mindset, and strategies essential for achieving your health and weight goals. Say goodbye to the cycle of binge-eating and restriction, and embrace a consistent, healthy lifestyle. As a busy mom, wife, and working woman, I'm giving you the EXACT tools that helped me lose weight and maintain it long-term. I spent years navigating the challenges of weight loss before achieving success. Today, I'm sharing my insights with you, so you can save precious time and bypass the struggles I faced on my journey to weight loss success.

You don’t need to do everything; you just need to do the right things. This course eliminates confusion and overwhelm, cutting through the noise of weight loss to focus on what truly works.

Ask yourself this…

Do you always feeling like you should be doing something but feeling so overwhelmed by everything that you start nothing at all?

Feel so confused about what and how much to eat so you just grab unhealthy convenient meals or take aways instead.

Jump from plan to plan, trying to eat “healthy” with no real lasting success.

Eat well for a few days then overeating, beating yourself up then starting again later!

SAY GOODBYE and instead you’ll….

Get clarity on exactly where you have been going wrong in the past.

See a clear path forward, create your calorie deficit and know exactly what you need to change to hit your weight loss goals.

Get to hit your goals in a sustainable way where you can still eat out and enjoy dessert.

Be able to easily say “no” to unhealthy food and to “stop” when you feel full.

Real practical ideas on what to do when you hit a roadblock (when you’re tired busy, have cravings) so you can get back on track straight away.

With Results and Feedback like this...


So, what do you receive when you join the program?

 Embark on a transformative journey with six focused video masterclasses, accessible from the comfort of your home. This action-based program delivers practical advice tailored for today's busy women, providing personalized support to ensure your success. This program is action based with real practical advice for today’s busy woman who is juggling it all. You’ll receive personalised support to truly make it happen this time.

How it Works

Unlock a new video masterclass module each week, accompanied by a comprehensive work booklet.

Modules cover six crucial skill areas over six weeks, focusing on goal setting, self-reflection, identifying mistakes, creating change, tackling daily challenges, and maintaining long-term consistency.

     You can view each module at a time that suits you. You will be given a private login to view.

  • The modules are broken down into 6 crucial skill areas.

Week 1: Goal Setting and Reflection to give you clarity.

Week 2: Exact tools to work out where you are going wrong and why previous attempts didn’t work.

Week 3: Knowledge is Power – what you need to change to achieve success.

Week 4: How you are going to successfully create change

Week 5: Daily roadblocks and Challenges as a busty woman and how to tackle them.

Week 6: How to stay motivated, created momentum and be consistently long term. 

What to Expect

  • 6 video masterclass modules with a new one unlocked each week so to not overwhelm you. With easy to digest and follow content made for busy women.
  • A comprehensive work booklet to achieve maximum growth “self-awareness is the key to your long-term success.”
  • Success Accelerator 1 EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUS (for limited time only) Monday – Friday 6 week 1:1 Voxer (voice messenger app) with direct access to me to ask questions, get support and feedback on the spot as you need it. (value $599)
  • Success Accelerator 2 EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUS (for limited time only) My “5 Steps to Meal Planning Success” guide the exact step by step guide I use for successful meal planning. (value $59)
  • Course Start Date 6th January 2024

Spaces Available

  • Limited Places available to secure your spot today to start Jan 2024 to access the 2-x bonus course accelerators FREE!
  • Pay in full or split payment option available.

 This program could be your final investment, providing clarity and a step-by-step approach to your weight loss and healthy eating goals. No more guesswork.

I'm thrilled to work with you on this transformative journey!