The Healthy Eating Formula For Smart Women - 6 Week Online Course


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Melissa " if you want to find a sustainable approach with no nonsense, easy to follow advice to help you mend your relationship with food for the long term and give you sustainable results then this course is a must do. Videos for each topic and a workbook to delve deeper into your personal struggles and successes with weight loss and food. This along with steps to help build your confidence is why this course is different to others you will find online. Thanks, Jen, for being a real trail blazer for us smart women!"

Esther " I would highly recommend this six week course the videos are very clear and easy to understand. Its great having tasks set for the week as it gives us time to truly think about the information given and put it into practice. As the course is broken into modules it's not overwhelming at all. The Facebook group is great for support tips and ideas. Jen's support guidance and advice has been outstanding!"

WHAT IF there was a predictable step by step method for weight loss/healthy eating without the confusion where you could take ownership over your eating and learn to eat in a way that suits you and your lifestyle? Girl you can! It’s time to finally stop starting new diets only to fail and learn to eat in a way that’s sustainable for you.

This exclusive 6-week course will take you from complete novice to expert in working out where you have been going wrong to confidently planning your meals and taking control of you eating by the end of the course.

How exciting would it be to work on your healthy eating and weight loss with skill and confidence instead of feeling constantly confused and overwhelmed. It can be done! In my exclusive 6-week online course THE HEALTHY EATING FORMULA For SMART WOMEN I will give you all my secret tools and tricks to help you build confidence with your diet even if you have had multiple failures. The course will give you:

1. Specific goal setting and mindset strategies to get you started on the right path

2. The tools to work out where you have been going wrong and how to create long term successful change

3. All the juicy stuff! The exact tools you need to overcome – sugar cravings, late night snacking, overeating, counting macros, food timing and so much more

4.The method you need to plan your meals and snacks with success - no more guessing

5. Real practical tips to deal with daily roadblocks and challenges when it comes to being consistent with your healthy eating

6.New ways to create motivation, momentum and consistency and how to maintain it for the long term. 

You are not going to want to wait another minute this is the secret formula you need to finally get you the results you are after.

What makes this course different?

-  I give you simple, step by step processes to help you go from novice to expert so you can achieve long term health and weight loss success. It’s easy to follow and finally tells you about the things other programs don’t that actually work.

This course is for

-   Women who want to stop the overwhelm and confusion when it comes to meal planning, weight loss and restrictive eating habits.

-    Women who have had multiple attempts and failures at weight loss and changing your eating habits.

-   Women who are genuinely tired of starting a new diet every Monday

-   Women who are sick of feeling out of control around certain foods

-   Women who want to feel confident in their own skin

-    Women who want to give up the restrict, binge, restrict cycle of eating

-    Women who want to confidently plan their meals and snacks

Course Length

-    6-week online course

-    Will receive a new video module each week

-     Exclusive membership in private face book group

Course Delivery

-    Course will be available through an online platform called Kajabi. It’s easy to use and navigate. You get a login and password.

We have strictly limited spaces in each round so get in early to save your place in the course and you will receive a BONUS FREE Module 7 5 Steps to Meal Planning Success.

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I cannot wait for you to experience total food freedom and healthy eating confidence!