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Are you seeking a supportive mentor for your healthy eating journey?

Sometimes, all you need is a one-on-one conversation with someone who understands, who has been where you are that can provide fresh perspectives and sparking new ideas. I spent years navigating the challenges of weight loss before achieving success. Today, I'm ready to share my insights with you and my years of teaching experience so you can save precious time and bypass the struggles I faced on my journey to weight loss success.

My inbox is consistently filled with questions from overwhelmed confused women who are looking for guidance and support. With the most common questions…

  • I’m trying to eat healthy, but nothing seems to be working.
  • How do I create a calorie deficit for weight loss?
  • I want to lose weight, but I just don’t know where to start.
  • How do I stay motivated to reach my goals? I just can’t seem to be consistent.
  • How do I stop overeating and over snacking all the time?

Why opt for a coaching call?

Because I comprehend the challenges of feeling stuck in your weight loss or healthy eating journey. It can feel overwhelming and confusing. During our one-hour power hour chat, you'll have all your questions addressed. We'll create a plan of action with easy to implement steps, leaving you feeling confident and in control of your food choices, with a clear path of what to do next so you can finally feel unstuck. The call is tailored specifically to your needs and what your current struggles are.

What's Included?

  • A one-hour private 1:1 Zoom call with me conducted in the comfort of your home via phone or computer. You simply select a time and date in my calendar and book it in. The zoom link details will then be sent straight to you.
  • Recording of your Zoom call for future reference.
  • Detailed session minutes/notes documenting our entire discussion.
  • Plus, A personalized action plan ready for immediate implementation on what your next steps are.

One-hour coaching call for only $297.

I'm genuinely thrilled to embark on this private coaching experience with you and help you regain confidence in your journey. Secure your booking time by clicking the link above.

Hey, I'm Jen

Are you struggling with healthy eating and Weight loss?

As someone who has lost 10kgs the confusion when it comes to food can be overwhelming. From my many years experience as a teacher let me break it down into easy manageable steps so you can regain your confidence and create healthy eating habits that you can maintain for the long term.

The Active Bod Testimonials


I have loved learning from Jen. I'm making much smarter food choices now and feel like a smart woman!


Thanks Jen for being a real trail blazer for us women hoping to follow in your food steps.


They say "knowledge is power" and Jen you gave me exactlty that! I now know to make smart choices when it comes to nutriton and my eating habits You are a very smart woman!


Jen's support, guidance and advice has been outstanding and nothing was a problem to address


I'm excited for what's ahead with all this knowledge. Jen was amazing!