My 8 Top Tips To Help You Quit Sugar

Sugar for me was an addiction, 100 percent! I couldn’t go a meal without including something sweet. I got to a point where I felt like it was controlling my diet and I honestly just wanted it to change. I started by looking at the sugar in the foods I was eating and wow was I shocked! I was not only adding spoonfuls of sugar to my breakfasts and coffees but I was also eating so many foods with added sugars (which by the way I thought were healthy because I got sucked in by the marketing) such as low fat yoghurts, bars, healthy and raw treats plus more. Learning to minimise processed sugars in my diet has helped me in so many other areas too. I no longer get the 3pm crashes, I’m less tired, I’m not starving after dinner plus the big bonus for me is that I don’t crave it like crazy anymore/ So, if you are someone that has been wanting to quit sugar here are my top tips to get you off that sugar train.


  1. Look at the amount of sugar you are eating each day. Look at the hidden sugars in the food you eat. Start by checking the label. Sauces, juices, yoghurts, cordials, jams, healthy treats etc. contain a lot of hidden sugar, you may be supposed (like I was) to find out my sugar addiction was coming from “other foods” not chocolate, cakes and lollies.
  2. Start small. If you try and go cold turkey, you may find it difficult to stick to. I started by cutting down to half a sugar in my coffee and stopped buying juice and cordial in my weekly grocery shop.
  3. Look at your daily diet. For me, I realised I wasn’t eating enough protein and healthy fats each day which meant I was hungry a lot of the time and craved sugar. Aim to eat some protein with each meal. This will also help those after dinner munchies.
  4. Avoid buying juices, cordials, soft drinks, flavoured milks and coffees any liquid sugars. They all add up.
  5. Look for Refined sugar free alternatives at the supermarket. There are some great, all natural alternatives to white processed sugar such as stevia, maple and rice malt syrup and honey.
  6. Make your own refined sugar free treats, I have some great ones that you could try! From doughnuts to slices, chocolate muffins and more.
  7. Don’t deprive yourself, if feel like something sweet just have a small amount
  8. Be patient. It takes time to not rely on sugar each day to get you through.


Start small, look at your diet, find refined sugar free alternatives and you’ll be sugar free in no time!