My Top Tip for Weight Loss

Somebody asked me the other day, if I had to choose one supplement as my top go to, what would it be? And that really got me thinking. I've tried so many different supplements, all with some incredible benefits.


...the one that has had the most impact on my weight loss and developing some lean muscle would have to be protein powder! I add a scoop to my breakfast every day (oats, smoothies). I'm not a huge meat eater so for me, making sure I was eating enough protein every day was really hard. When your daily protein intake is low, you tend to feel less full, hungrier and you will find it harder to say no to treats throughout the day. I definitely did!


Adding a scope of protein powder daily can help you

  • Feel fuller for longer, as our bodies take longer to break it down
  • Reduce sugar cravings (because I get to enjoy something sweet
  • Faster recovery post workout
  • Build lean muscle

You can absolutely get your protein from food, but protein powder is freakn delicious (who doesn't want chocolate for breakfast!), convenient and can be added to all my recipes, so it's a yes from me! Plus Remmy seems to agree...

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