Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership
Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership

Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership

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Have you tried all the diets and just can’t seem to eat healthy consistently and shake that repetitive eat, binge restrict cycle? I get you as this was me a few years ago. I struggled to lose weight and get in control of my sugar cravings and eating habits.  I have created a high impact program that helps busy women overcome these issues as I realised, I was a smart woman when it comes to knowing how and what to eat and I’ve put all these must have tools together for you.

The Healthy Eating Hype Gal Membership is like no other app/subscription or membership out there. It is a game-changing process that will change you from a woman who is confused about how and what to eat for weight loss and weight maintenance to one that feels smart, confident and 100% in control of her food choices, no more guessing! With success focused meal plans, education and support all in the one place.

If you are wanting to create momentum, be more consistent with your healthy eating and stop the all or nothing approach when it comes to food then the HEALTHY EATING HYPE GAL membership is the fastest way to move you to your end goal. The monthly membership will save you thinking and planning time and will support you to make a healthy lifestyle change that you can maintain.

The hardest part about staying on track and eating healthy consistently is knowing what to eat each week and knowing which recipe is right. Most other meal plans are too restrictive and are not made for busy women juggling all of life’s responsibilities. The membership takes out all the guesswork and is your one trusted source for all things healthy eating, motivation and weight loss.

As a busy woman who wants to eat healthy and achieve weight loss or maintenance you’ll receive an insane amount of value for only $49 per month.

  • Exclusive access to my Vibrant Resource Hub. Our vibrant platform provides you with a comprehensive collection of tools, resources, and video lessons, carefully curated to help you embrace a healthy lifestyle, while avoiding information overload. Your private login will allow you access to our exclusive video resource library as well as the digital resource hub. These resources have been carefully designed to bridge the gap between your current journey and your desired wellness goals. With key video topics including “How to Create a Successful Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss, “Macronutrients and Why They Matter” plus so much more. The Vibrant Resource Hub in conjunction with your monthly meal plans is an unstoppable transformative combination.
  • Plus access to my proven downloadable 6 Step Calorie Deficit Quick Guide so you can easily work out how to successfully create a calorie deficit for weight loss, one that you can actually maintain. This guide includes my secret step that many programs miss that is crucial for your long-term success.
  • Also included is your very own downloadable Healthy Habits Journal to help keep you accountable and on track.
  • A brand new 5-day meal plan each month with full calories and macro breakdown with easy to make meals and snacks that don’t leave you feeling hungry that your whole family can enjoy together. Plus, a detailed shopping list so you can easily prep and get organised for the week ahead.
  • Bonus Fortnightly Q and A’s (valued at $199) with Jen each month so you can ask questions and gain clarity when you need to keep that momentum towards your goals going. 
  • Access to a carefully created private Facebook community full of like-minded supportive women, where you can ask questions, seek advice, get inspired, share ideas and receive ongoing support.
  • Insanely valuable and practical fortnightly video masterclass lessons to upskill you on all thing's food, nutrition and mindset. 
  • Access to additional templates, recipe cards and resources to support you. 
  • Bonus monthly giveaways for active members
  • Plus if you join today, you'll receive my interactive and printable progress tracker FREE (value $99)

The membership in only $49 per month (2 x month minimum sign up) Plus, a one-off joining fee of $69 so you can gain exclusive access to the Vibrant Resource Hub to set you up for success! $118 for first month then $49 per month after that. No lock in contracts so you can cancel at any time. 

In the membership

  • You’ll learn how to create easy, healthy, tasty family friendly meals– no more making separate meals and you’ll create a bank of go to healthy recipe favourites
  • You’ll be able to successfully create a calorie deficit for weight loss without having to hire an expensive coach.
  • You’ll educate and prepare yourself for long term success around healthy eating instead of just a short-term quick fix.
  • You’ll keep your meals and snacks exciting for ongoing satisfaction.
  • You’ll become consistent with your healthy eating for the long term in a supportive environment.
  • You’ll feel supported and accountable.

As you begin to use the meal plans and resource hub tools, you’ll quickly realise how easy it is to eat healthy and reach your goals with your busy lifestyle. The time to make a change and take action is now….

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the recipes take to make? As women we are juggling all the things, so all the recipes are quick, easy and delicious and only require easy to find everyday ingredients. All my recipes have been partner, child and family approved!

What if I’m Gluten Free or Lactose Intolerant, Can I still use the meal plans? Whilst the meal plans are not gluten free, we have many hype gals in our community that are and find the meals easy to swap and make simple adjustments too.

Are the Calories in the meal plans set? Yes, the calories in the monthly meal plans are set but with the use of the tools in the resource hub can be easily adjusted up or down simply by adding or removing a snack so you can reach you set calorie target.

What if I’m happy with my weight but just need some new healthy recipe ideas? Then the membership is perfect! Maintaining your healthy eating is often the hardest part and having new recipes and motivation each week makes the process so much easier.

Once I join how does it work? Once you have joined you will receive your welcome email which will include your private link to join the membership face book group and login to the Vibrant Resource Hub, plus our Secrets to Success Checklist so you can get set up and started straight away! All video sources, tips etc. will be uploaded into the face book group so you have easy access whenever you need. Your new meal plans will be emailed to you directly each month.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
For all ages

Absolutely loving that we get a different menu each month to change things up. The food is comfort food, filling, delicious and family friendly.
Jen takes the time to reply to every message and the rest of the group help and support as well. There are video classes to watch and a regular zoom call to speak face to face. I have genuinely never heard of all that in any other eating program and it shows how much Jen is invested in helping us along the way.
Can honestly say that so far I am eating more than normal and still losing weight

Lara Nosworthy
Healthy and easy meal plans for busy people/mums!

Love Jen's meal plans - they are so easy to make and organise for the whole week.
I orginally purchased the Active BodGet inspired book, the OG meal Plan, and last year I purchased the busy gal meal plan and finally I become a hype gal member. Love for Jens's products is strong! Shopping list, menu cards and mini videos to help you understand your food intake, your protein and fibre for each day and how to feel your best! Jen is an inspirational person who understands how to help you feel your best self!

Family friendly

Have loved the meal plans, they are so easy to prepare and full of variety. Added bonus is the kids have been enjoying the food as well.

Judy Rae
Great meal plans

I have really enjoyed the meal plans. They are very easy to prepare and with 4 servings per meals makes life a lot easier. There is a lot of variety over all meals.

Brock Sorrenson
Great healthy recipes

I love the hype membership with Jen. Her recipes are time efficient & always a hit with the family. It’s also a life saver not having to think of meals every week. Thanks Jen ❤️

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