The OG Original Meal Plan
The OG Original Meal Plan
The OG Original Meal Plan
The OG Original Meal Plan
The OG Original Meal Plan
The OG Original Meal Plan
The OG Original Meal Plan

The OG Original Meal Plan

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Do you need a healthy, easy to use, versatile meal plan?

The nutritionist approved OG Original Meal Plan is the very first Active Bod meal plan and gives you with a complete week of low calorie, high protein macro friendly meals and snacks in a uniquely designed straight forward meal plan so you can quickly and easily get your meals and snacks organised for the week. This meal plan will give you confidence in your food choices and show you that healthy eating can be flexible, stress free, seriously filling and delicious. This is one of our most popular meal plans and contains some of my most created recipes such as the sweet potato crusted quiche, caramel apple pie, crumbed chicken pasta salad, ice-cream and so much more!

So what will the OG Meal Plan do for you?

- provide you with an entire week of calorie friendly healthy meals and snacks

- give you back time in your week (no meal planning and writing shopping lists) as it's all been done for you

- give you self confidence in your food choices

- get you closer to your weight loss/healthy eating goals

- support you with weight management and maintenance

- will limit mindless snacking as you will feel full and satisfied

- put you back in control of your eating 

- have you enjoying delicious healthy satisfying food every day of the week



Unique Features of The OG Original Meal Plan

- 7 day all inclusive meal plan

- Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner

- Includes 2 snacks plus dessert daily

- Family friendly meals 

- 14-page booklet

- Easy to use ingredients and simple recipes

- No restricting food groups 

- Calories per meal/daily calorie totals

- Weekly shopping list to save you time and money 

- Full daily calorie/macro breakdown

- List of supermarket brands used

- Includes chocolate and your favourite recipes, burgers, pancakes and more.

- Can be adjusted to suit partner/family

- Recipe cards included 

- Daily calories 1700-1800. Note - this can be easily adjusted up or down to suit your current goals 

All you need to do is download the OG Meal Plan and it will be ready to use straight away!

Want more? Stack The OG with the BG Meal plan.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Naomi Higgie
Mum and teen doing it together

My teen daughter had put on alot of weight and I knew I had to help here but I just didn't know how. My husband and I could also lose a few kilos. So I purchased 3 meal plans and the guide to snacks and we are all doing it together. We have been selecting a mix and match of meals and meal propping together for the week. The food is yummy, it includes 3 meals, 2 snacks and dessert everyday. We are not looking at it like a diet but a healthy, sustainable way forward that we can maintain. Doing it together we are getting our daughter to buy in. We are two weeks down and have lost 8.5 kilos together (4kg, 2.5kg and 2kg respectively). Thanks Jen - I love your instagram too!


Not enough recipes for your money.

Alli Cabban
Time poor nurse and mum

I am a mum to a 9 month old and I work 3 days a week as a registered nurse at a busy hospital. Meal prepping and sticking to a meal plan never worked long term for me, as they all had multiple ingredients and required you to make you own sauces etc.
That was until I stumbled across the Active Bod instagram. Jen has changed my life without her even realising.
I put on 30kg in my pregnancy, I had a big baby and it was the hardest time of my life. I could barely walk by the end of it.
Postpartum I have struggled to shift the weight and feel good about myself.
In just 1 month, I am so happy to say that I have lost 6kg, and I’m still able to enjoy life’s pleasures. This was without restrictions, feeling like I’m missing out on yummy food. I can still eat my beloved Salmon Sushi once a week, and having Tim tams for dessert. I no longer need to eat take away 3 nights a week because I don’t have time to cook. I now get to throw together quick meals that myself and my husband enjoy. Thank you Jen, I look forward to more of these Ebooks and meal plans in the future. Never stop, please!

Best book!

I was using another meal plan and it literally done my head in. So many expensive ingredients, a million ingredients in each recipe and everything made from scratch including snacks and a different thing every day was a pain for me being busy then I stumbled upon the active bod Instagram purchased this book and omg it is the best! Ingredients are normal real healthy food , didn’t cost a fortune, it’s things my kids will eat too, and so easy to prep it all love love!! Buy the book 😉 you won’t regret it.

A great meal plan with plenty of inspiration

Everyone is on a journey! I’m looking to improve my fitness goals so The OG Original Meal Plan has been so helpful to give me inspiration for quick and easy meals and a guide to macros. Thanks Jen 💜

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