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What if I told you there was a way to finally stop starting a new diet every Monday? To learn how to eat in a way that suits you and your lifestyle? One that is sustainable and flexible which allows you to eat all the food you love. GIRL you can!

This nutritionist approved interactive guide is designed to make your weight loss and healthy eating journey easier. This guide is something different! I talk about all the things that no one tells you about. This guide will take you from complete novice to successfully planning your own meals and snacks. Plus, I share my very own personal story and struggles to help you with yours. The Guide has 2 parts:

Part One is my successful TOOLKIT. In this tool kit I give you the exact strategies and tools I used to lose wight and keep it off. The toolkit will not only provide you with practical tips you can apply to your own eating habits, meal choices and cravings BUT when you find yourself off track you can come back to this toolkit to set you back on the path to success as often as you need to!

The toolkit includes topics such as:

How to work where you are going wrong?

Ways to improve your diet for weight loss success.

What to eat on those days when you are really hungry?

Weight loss myths and how these impact your progress?

How do you stop your sugar cravings?

Part 2 of the eBook contains the RECIPES! There are 45 brand new recipes from nourishing breakfast options, super snacks, fresh and fast meals, plant based and vegan options as well as clean treats and sweet eats for when your craving something sweet but want to make a healthy choice. These recipes are easy to make, healthy and delicious and are full of wholefoods.

This guide has been approved by qualified nutritionist Kristie Cunningham (@themobilenutritionist) and includes a list of ingredient swaps, ways to successfully balance your plate and a 5 Day Food Planner to help get you started.

This guide is in an easy-to-use format that you can refer to.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, change your bad eating habits, late night snacking, eat healthy or just want to make some positive changes for the long term this guide is perfect for you. I hope that it will inspireyou to truly learn how to eat for health and achieve long-term weight loss success.

It is time to GET INSPIRED! Are you ready to do this?

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Its time to GET INSPIRED!